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Educating Children Through Puppetry

Chattanooga's Kids on the Block (CKOB) is an award-winning puppet theatre, educational organization using the skillful practice of Bunraku puppetry to educate children about social concerns and differences,  giving them the skills they need to stay safe and healthy.

Founded in 1979, our CKOB troupe is one of the longest-running, most active, and most respected Kids on the Block troupes.

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Our Impact

Our evaluations and surveys from 2017-2018 indicate:


of teachers said that our program(s) has a positive influence in students' attitudes and behavior in the classroom.


of teachers said that our programs supported and enhanced classroom and guidance curriculum.


of elementary school students who saw our program(s) showed a positive change in knowledge, attitude and/or behavior.


of elementary school students reported that after seeing our educational program(s) on "Bullying" they were more likely to stand up for a student who is being bullied and 75% said they were more likely to talk to a grown-up if they were being bullied.


of high school students said seeing our program(s) while in elementary school helped them make more responsible decisions and healthier choices as they got older.

All programs utilize the latest scientific developments to prevent and mitigate the impact of (Adverse Childhood Experiences). For more information on the impact of our programs please contact Wendy Davis, Statistician/Puppeteer/Educator, at wendy@kidsontheblock.net 


I love that show!

Students always love this program. (Students say) “I love that show!” “Being mean to people is very bad and you have to use your words…not hit people.

Kim Rhodes Chattanooga Valley Elementary School

Every Age Benefits

We work with all grades from Pre-K to high school to teach them about a wide variety of important topics and provide them with skills to stay safe and healthy.

All of our programs are designed to be performed primarily for audiences being children in pre-kindergarten through fifth grades; however, older audiences can take advantage of the educational programs through workshops and puppet training camps.

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