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Our methods, the impact of our programs, and what parents & teachers can do.

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Why does this method of learning work so well for kids?

Our Kids are Like Your Kids

Our puppet troupe is made up of multicultural, child-sized puppets with likes and dislikes, hopes, fears, talents, and limitations, just like real kids. Some have differences such as mental, physical and emotional and others have lives touched by abuse or divorce. Our kids represent kids of all abilities! Meet them all here.

Kids Get Puppets

Kids will often say things to puppets that they won’t say to adults. Whether that’s because they don’t want to be tattletails or get in trouble themselves. This considered, we’ve been able to uncover and address cases of abuse, bullying and cyber bullying by giving kids the chance to interact with puppets that are about their size, non-threatening, relatable, and are knowledgeable about a wide range of issues.

We Cover the Tough Stuff

Talking with kids about issues like the ones covered in our theatrical performances using the Kids on the Block puppets can be very difficult. Our performance topics can be used as a starting point for addressing issues such as bullying, abuse, depression, suicide, violence, crisis in times of war, and overall mental health and wellness, among other sensitive topics.

We Make a Safe Space

During performances, audiences interact directly with the puppet characters during question and answer sessions. This unique form of communication provides young people with a safe space using artistic theater and expression to learn an attitude of smart decision-making, sensitivity and understanding that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. Full profiles of our puppets and the programs they appear in are available here.

Our Impact

Chattanooga's Kids on the Block programs teach lessons that last.
Students Report

87% of high school students said seeing our program(s) while in elementary school helped them make more responsible decisions and healthier choices as they got older. 91% of elementary school students showed a positive change in knowledge, attitude and/or behavior. After seeing our program(s) on bullying, 86% of elementary school students said they were more likely to stand up for a student who is being bullied and 75% said they were more likely to talk to a grown-up if they were being bullied.

Teachers Report

98% of teachers said that seeing our programs supported and enhanced classroom and guidance curriculums

99% of teachers said there was a positive influence in students’ attitudes and behaviors in the classroom.

All programs utilize the latest scientific developments to prevent and mitigate the impact of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences).

Our Reach

Southeast Counties Covered*
Schools per year, several programs per day
   Educational programs    last year

* Tennessee: Hamilton, Bradley, Polk, Marion, Franklin, Rhea, Bledsoe, Grundy, Sequatchie, McMinn, Meigs
Georgia: Walker, Catoosa, Dade | Alabama: Jackson, DeKalb

What Kids Have Said

about our programs

What can teachers do?

Accountable and informed teachers and educators are extremely important to children. Kids on the Block is here to help you make a difference in their lives. Our kids depend on you to teach them things they might not learn at home, like personal safety and about the differences that make them so special.

They also depend on you to keep them safe. Because you might be the only professional adult that an abused child comes in contact with on a regular basis, you could be a vital link in their quest for help. We’re here to support teachers in identifying and reporting child abuse, and understanding the indicators of abuse. We provide tools and tips to help talk to children about child abuse, neglect, supervision, discipline, safety, strangers and a whole host of other tough topics.

Educator Workshops

Our Workshops are geared toward using the arts to educate about a certain range of topics and typically last about 45 minutes to an hour. All necessary supplies are provided.

Schedule Your School

To book a workshop, contact Kasandra at

Workshop #1
Talking About Touching

This workshop, which is not a puppet performance, includes 15 lesson cards on safety that progress from "Car Safety" to the "Touching Rule". Our staff is certified to train teachers in the use of this curriculum. Curriculum for Pre-School thru First Grade teachers.

Workshop #2
Accepting Differences

An interactive workshop on accepting differences in others and ourselves. This one hour workshop includes a puppet performance and will introduce fun hands-on activities to use with children will be introduced. Topics to be addressed will include physical differences, learning differences and cultural differences, while encouraging self-esteem in others and in ourselves. This workshop encourages children to talk about their differences rather than ignoring them and also teaches children to talk more with their peers to find out more about their similarities as well. The accepting differences workshop is a great experience for adults to educate and address accepting differences in a fun, educational and child friendly way.

Workshop #3
Personal Safety

A puppet performance addressing physical abuse with a combination of the "Talk About Touching" curriculum and hands-on related activities. Focuses on the prevention of child abuse and ways to keep your person safe. This workshop is designed for children with their parent or adult guardians. Preferred maximum of 25 children with a 1½ hour maximum time limit.

What can parents do?

If you think your child and their peers could benefit from viewing our programs and learning more, write to your child’s school about wanting to schedule a performance.

It’s tough to talk to kids about things we hope never happen or things we don’t know much about, but knowledge is power. We have to remember that a well-informed kid can handle these situations better than one that doesn’t know about them at all.

For emergencies, parents can contact:

Report - Children in Crisis: 
TN - 1-855-274-7471
GA - 1-800-715-4225 
AL - 1-800-273-8255

Divorce - Divorce Care for Kids:

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